"Ask not what your country can do for you, but ask yourself what you can do for your country." (source John F. Kennedy)

"This Europe is engulfed in the sewers of neglect and conflict, with the state hiding behind the institutions created by electoral schemes. Do you really know who your deputy is? Do you really know who does what for you and your interests, and not just for his re-election? Social issues cannot be made on a European level, but case-by-case with definition, order and the will of each to act aware of the consequences."

"I'm not here to give favors to anyone, but to provide work for every European who represents the traditions of our people. I studied social issues at length and I see only one possibility: To reestablish a social order that currently does not exist because of the political technocrats who have allowed Europe to drift for the past 20 years."

"One can hardly live in harmony with people if we do not face the impossible, the unspeakable, the intolerable. The aim of policy is not to be a part of a platform, a right or left political system that no longer looks at the people who simply want a well-functioning government. The aim of policy is to serve the people so that everyone can experience success in life."

"My grandfather was correct. It is necessary to live and learn while protecting what we have, especially that which is beautiful: nature. Join with me in developing the Party that supports the identity, culture, and tradition of our nations. I will always hold fast to this and never waver on these fundamental views, whether political or economic, as they are essential to our way of life."

"The leader must suffer all the consequences of his actions and be accountable to the people who asked him to be transparent in his political, economic and social vision. He must be consistent with the exercise of subsequent public actions and never fall into the error concerning the essential points of his own role."

"But the European technocrats with their policies preferred to make a currency without any economic concept in order to plunge Europe into an abyss. They knew what they were doing by bringing us to the edge of the chasm-they wanted the fall of Europe. There are only two explanations: Either they were aware of their actions or they had no idea at all, and if the latter, they therefore should be prevented, as fast as possible, from continuing to direct our administrations."